Training Courses

An Introduction to Crowd Management

Lecturing on the subject of Crowd Management has always had a special place in my heart, I have always believed that when people choose to attend an event they should feel safe happy and have the best time of their life. In my younger days I remember attending events that made me feel pretty insecure about the safety and the management of the event.

Ensuring the safety of people is a massive responsibility, so cutting corners is not and should never be an option. Crowd management needs to planned and executed in the best way possible, covering all the potential issues and those “What Ifs”. Educating people about crowd management will open their eyes to what goes into planning an event. I had the pleasure of lecturing to an Event management class at Canterbury College this week, the class were very pro-active asking questions about the different events I have been involved in over the years. When teaching I like to use relevant videos of events good and bad to open up ¬†discussions so we can explore the events together as a group and ultimately getting the Crowd Safety message out.