Event Medical Consultancy

Crowd safety at events is not simply limited to the provision of a crowd management plan and manpower; but also relates to other areas such as suitable medical provision. The HSE Guide 195 (Event Safety Guide) and the recent Purple Guide 2014 offer guidance to suggested levels of medical cover for events but this is not the definitive answer.

Risk assessment, audience profiling, music genre and site location are just a few contributing factors to consider when compiling a robust medical plan that is considered fit for purpose.

A good medical plan can literally mean the difference between life and death at an event and therefore this plan needs to cover every eventuality. Can you confidently say that your medical plan is fit for purpose and does it account for reducing the impact on local NHS services such as local accident and emergency departments?

Our event medical consultancy team with decades of experience as senior NHS event planners are available to review, assess, critique or even create your medical plans to ensure you offering the best duty of care to your customers.

For more information on how our event medical consultants can assist you and your event please email info@crowdsafetytraining.com