Tabletop Exercise Emergency Scenario Planning

When planning large scale mass gatherings or special events, organisers work vigorously to ensure the safety of their attending guests. Event management plans, crowd safety management plans, contingency plans and risk assessments are all carefully produced to address all eventualities no matter how unrealistic they may seem.

Active shooters, terrorism, weapons, structural collapse, severe weather and lost children / vulnerable adults are all examples of situations the event team may face.

But how do event organisers ensure that plans will be fit for purpose if these situations should arise? Do key members of the tactical and operational teams fully understand their role within the command and control structure? These are just some of the questions that a good tabletop exercise will look to challenge and debate.

Our consultants are experienced in strategic planning of events on a global scale and come from both police and civilian backgrounds. Our exercises are a simulation of realistic scenarios that may arise during any event and will develop as the session evolves into some tricky situations that have been designed to take delegates out of their comfort zone forcing everyone to work as a team to ensure the rapid resolution of the situation they are faced with.

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