Level 5 Diploma in Crowd Science and Risk Analysis


If you are in charge of people in public spaces, you need to understand the principles and applications of Crowd Science, specifically crowd risk analysis and safety engineering. This courses teaches event professionals the principles and applications of Crowd Science and draws on over the twenty years of extensive research and project experience from around the world.

Aims of the course

To develop greater awareness of how individuals and crowds react, and behave, in places of public assembly. To explore the application of modelling techniques and tools to enhance public safety.

Who should apply

Those who design for, plan or manage the movement of people in sport, entertainment, shopping, transport or similar environments. It will benefit site or venue operational managers, stewarding and security organizations, police officers with crowd management responsibilities, architects working in the complex and built environment and local authority officers with licensing, planning, building control or leisure management responsibilities. We run these courses around the world.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand Crowd risk analysis – how to identify hazardous situations for event planning and licensing.
  • Understand the movement of crowds in the complex and built environment for normal and emergency behaviour.
  • Demonstrate how to model an event by crowd phases (Arival, Last Mile Ingress, Circulation, Egress and Dispersal) and crowd influences (Design, Information and Management).
  • Explain Crowd modelling and risk analysis applications for planning, designing and managing spaces where crowd form and move.
  • Apply guidance on the management of crowd flow and movement for a wide range of places of public assembly.
  • Describe how to present the key elements of crowd risks and crowd safety to an audience

During the Level 5 Crowd Science and Risk Analysis,  we apply our unrivalled knowledge of the science of crowds to your case studies and events. How and when your crowd reaches critical density, and how the effects of design, information and management systems influence your crowd’s behaviour. These are vital elements to understanding crowd safety at your event. We help your staff individually or collectively to understand crowds, to plan for and keep crowds safe, to understand and facilitate peaceful protests. Hosting the workshops at your site so that your team can work and learn together.

The course takes the delegates from basic understanding of crowd risks and crowd safety in places of public assembly and works through the principles and applications of causality for major incidents.  Typical delegates include site or venue operational managers, stewarding and security organisations, police officers, architects and local authority officers with licensing, planning or leisure management responsibilities. During the course delegates are taken through their own site/case related issues and by the end of the three day workshop they will understand how individuals and crowds react to and behave in available space in places of public assembly. They will also have explored the safety implications for designing and managing such spaces using the appropriate modelling tools and will be able to apply risk management techniques to the development of a robust crowd management plan.

To book a Level 5 Crowd Science and Risk Analysis workshop for your organisation or an individual place, please email ahollinson@crowdsafetytraining.com


The Level 5 Diploma in Crowd Science is a training programme written and owned by Crowd Safety Training and ‘Endorsed by’ Highfield Qualifications.

For the purpose of transparency, it must be made clear to learners that this is not a regulated qualification, nor is it recognised by the regulators of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland (Ofqual, Welsh Government and SQA).

Crowd Safety Training is a trading style of The Square Metre Ltd



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