Crowd Safety Consultancy

Crowd Safety at events should be the priority of every event organiser. Customers purchase tickets for events are making a realistic assumption that the event they are attending will be safe and they will be kept free from harm. Legislation provides that event organisers should take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their customers and staff and if they fail to do so then they are held accountable.

For many years the term Crowd Control has been loosely used to describe keeping a crowd under control and event security. The introduction of the new legislation provides extra liabilities for event organisers and the need for more professional crowd safety management planning became required.

The recognised definition of Crowd Safety Management is The systematic planning for, and the supervision of the orderly movement and assembly of people. Crowd management is the assessment of the people handling capabilities of a space prior to its use. This includes the evaluation of projected levels of occupancy, adequacy of means of ingress and egress, processing procedures such as ticket collection, and expected types of activities and group behaviour”. 

To achieve this: robust crowd safety management plans must be written by the event manager or crowd safety provider, detailing every element of crowd safety during both normal and emergency conditions.  Our consultants are available to advise you on this process as well as analysing and critiquing your current plans to ensure that they are fit for purpose, highlighting any potential areas of improvement.

Our crowd safety consultancy team are able to provide a range of other services including:

Risk assessments and analysis

Crowd safety management planning

Crowd density advice

Crowd flow and dynamics

Crowd modelling

Legal considerations


Expert witness provision

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